Night Hunt

We had the welcome opportunity to go with Nate on a night dive for lobster. Night diving for lobster means snorkeling, yes, free diving, holding your breath as you dive into twelve foot plus deep water, then using your little flashlight to hunt around under the ledges of coral and rocks. And, when you spy one of the spiny buggers deciding if you have enough room and time and air in your lungs to reach into the dark mini-cave before the critter escapes.

The night was dark with a sliver of a moon. The surf was calm with the waves slowly and methodically reaching for our toes as we sat waiting in the dark on the beach. It’s true; Nate and his buddy went without us. We enjoyed God’s light show while sipping our “painkillers” as the hunters were at work in the deep. Occasionally we would see the flash of a small light about a quarter of a mile off the beach toward the end of the reef. After about two hours the light slowly began approaching the beach. We heard their voices before we could see them approaching in the dark of the night.

Success! They had bagged 10 lobsters, 1 spiny and 9 slipper lobster. It’ll be a good dinner tomorrow.

lobsters 10-8

Maybe, maybe, maybe if I practice diving deep in the daylight I’ll go out on the next night dive. Do I have the courage??

mom n lobsters