Night Sounds

Coming to a new area always brings new experiences. Night time in St Thomas is no exception.

Imagine night has fallen after a full day playing in the sun and water or working around the yard, cutting back jungle, washing windows, or working out.

Your body is ready to rest. As you fall into bed you feel the cool breeze off the ocean, the support of the mattress, the release. Ahhhhh.

You settle in.

Your body is feeling heavy, letting go.

Your breathing slows.

Then it starts.

At first it sounds like birds singing early on a spring morning amplified by 10.

yellow belly bird

Yet, you know birds don’t sing at night. The sound is right outside your window.

It’s the call of tree frogs, lizards, geckos, chameleons, iguanas, crickets, bats and more. The jungle comes alive at night.

geck on stepHard to believe thesiguana at beache little guys can make so much noise!

green iguana close

Follow this link and you’ll hear tree frog sounds and get an idea of what we’re experiencing;

The sounds are intensified after a rain. It seems to rain a little most every night.

In the early, early morning, as the night slowly turns to day the jungle sounds begin to subside. Should you awaken, you notice the absence of the night sounds and know you have a couple more hours until full daylight.

You fall back into the blissfully deep early morning sleep.

Shortly thereafter, the feral rooster begins to announce the start of a new day.

Welcoming the day

Welcoming the day

The beauty is, it doesn’t take long to become accustomed to the songs of the night and sleep again comes quickly and deeply.

In fact, there are nights after dinner where we sit on the deck in the dark just to listen to the songs of the jungle as we watch the moon and clouds.

moon and clouds 4