And Away We Go…

It. Is. A. Long. Way. From. Seattle. To. France.

It’s now 43 hours from the time of our airporter pick-up in Lacey. Doug is # 8 on line to pick up our lease Peugeot. It’s dark, a very comfortable temperature at around 68 degrees. The smell of cigarette smoke is in the air as I sit outside waiting with our bags. The sky is clear turquoise blue with shadows of dark clouds. There are others sitting here with me including a young man with a bulldog that continues to eat on the shrubbery.
We’re short one bag. That required standing in line at the airport to make a claim. Luckily the bag is in London and will arrive on an 11 PM flight. We’re staying in Lyon tonight so the bag will be delivered to us at the hotel tomorrow morning, we were told. There were quite a few people on our flight from London missing bags. If I had to guess, a cart of bags was mistakenly not loaded on the plane. Of course we’ll never know.

I was cramped on the Airbus 380 flight from San Francisco to London last night. Sitting in the center section next to a guy who fell right asleep and stayed asleep the entire flight made it a challenge. I did get four hours of shut eye and Doug much less. It was impossible to get in and out of one’s seat without moving people and hanging onto the seats in front of you. Luckily the couple on my left got up a few times so I was able to take a potty/walking break. Doug sat in front of me. I can’t imagine his discomfort considering he takes a bit more space than I.
British Air does provide free drinks and meals. Drinks were served around 8 and dinner at nine. Choices for dinner included pasta with cheese and sundried tomatoes or chicken and rice. Both entries came with salad. Since I felt I was already more than adequately filling my cramped quarters, I passed on the free drinks and dinner. Plus we’d had salad and pizza around 5 before we left San Francisco. If we’d only known we might have saved a bit of cash.There were also two choices for breakfast which was served at 4:30 AM San Francisco time. It is now 12:30 PM Seattle time and we are both very hungry and tired. Since it’s dinner time here, it all works.
British Air also provided a sanitized blanket and pillow for use. Included in the blanket bag was a toothbrush and paste. Hmmm, that was curious considering the reputation Brits have for bad teeth. I guess they’re working to improve that.

Heathrow Airport was quite the place. We had to take a 20 minute shuttle to our departure terminal then walk another 15 minutes. I had a cappuccino at Cafe Nero. There looked to be good shopping but, alas, no time.
There was a Starbucks in the Lyon airport we passed while finding our way to the shuttle.
Here’s Doug with the car key. Now the adventure truly begins! It’s dark and we get to drive a strange car in a new city in a country with a language we don’t know. Ah, the joys of travel.

We leased the car at Europcar.

Line at the car rental.

Just a couple cars on the rental lot. Pretty nice.

Here’s our ride for the next month or so. Comfy Peugeot but no lion emblem.

Interesting automatic check-in machine at our hotel. We didn’t use it. We finally made it to our hotel around 9 PM local time. Almost missed dinner!

Lovely salad bar at this little restaurant.

And a nice dessert/yogurt bar. The round thing that looks like a big sausage is a sweetbread.

Some pictures of our interesting hotel room. Quite modern.


Please excuse the run-on paragraphs. I’ve corrected this at least four times to no avail!

This is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice. Give thanks. Be glad.

5 thoughts on “And Away We Go…

  1. Enjoy your time and be safe – God’s blessings!

  2. you made it, safe and sound. Now the next adventure. Can’t wait to see more, thanks for taking the time. love ya, ml and art

  3. Fun yum French food.

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  4. What an adventure!! Thank you for posting all the details, like, for instance, that British Airways feeds you! This is all the stuff people never tell you about international travel….and, since I plan to do more of that in the future, it will be so helpful. I am Following your travels, sending good karma and safety wishes to you! (and a teeny bit of envy 😉 ) xoxo

  5. Looks like fun fun fun! Interesting decor in the hotel! Did most speak English? Glad to hear from you! Love ya

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