Around Mazatlan

As we approach the end of our time in Mazatlan for 2015, I thought I’d share a bit about what we’ve been doing. Until this week, we’ve attended Spanish class twice a week for a couple hours. This would mean doing homework and practicing as much as possible. Doug is getting quite proficient, with beach vendors and taxi drivers complimenting him on his accent and encouraging his efforts. This is good and usually means I do less. We’ve finished our lessons for this visit, however, practicing continues. Feeling fairly confident with our new skills we checked out the Spanish language service at the blue church.

 People were friendly. The service was lovely, Sunday School children singing and the youth musicians were great. However, we were waaay over our heads, in deep language do-do and the place was packed. Had to stay to the very end.

We didn’t return there. Instead are back at La Vina in the Golden Zone where they have an English service all year. Although attendance is getting low. There were around 40 last Sunday.

At least some part of each day we find ourselves along the waterfront. The ocean is such a draw and the malecon is a great place to walk, blade, bike or just hang. The past few weeks there’ve been some unusually big waves which have pleased the surf and boogie board crowd. It also makes for interesting viewing.



While walking on the malecon we’ve kept up with the construction on the newly remodeled free, public tidal swimming pool, Carpa Olivera. The pool is named after its developer, Antonio Olivera, and originally built in 1914. The remodel includes new bathrooms, handicap access, fountains, lights, snack bar and a slide. We’ve heard and it appears, the work is on time with an opening date the end of May.


Carpa Olivera pool with new palm trees


Checking out the new slide


Replacing the mermaid statue


The mermaid in her new home above the sea.

Shortly after “the season” ended when the majority of gringos head north, work began in earnest on many buildings around the city. It’s pretty interesting to see the methods being used. I’m pretty certain there’s no OSHA equivalent here. Our building is being scraped, patched and painted too.

Cleaning, sanding, prepping for painting.

Condo painting

Renovating the upstairs for a new restaurant by the Pueblo Bonita chef.   

 Front of our place ready for paint. 
We’ve seen some great movies, The Diviner, Mussel Shoals, The Imitation Game and The Cobbler. Most of these were at a little theatre in an old building in the hood. We saw The Cobbler at the regular theatre in the mall. The seats are awesome and you make your seat pick when you purchase tickets. Popcorn is a choice of cheddar, Carmel or regular and yes, you can mix and add your own butter. Two tickets, large drink, large popcorn and peanut M&M’s all for under $20! The tickets alone are $3.33 or 50 pesos. At the place in the hood tickets are only 35 pesos but the theatre isn’t quite as nice.

We’ve been dancing to live bands playing 60’s-90’s rock-n-roll. Some songs were good, some not so much. Last Saturday we heard the orchestra at the Angela Peralta Theatre play rock from Queen, Foreigner, U2, Journey, REM, Sting and others. It was pretty good except for the ole gringo behind us who talked or sang  through it. He was on vacation and pretty excited about it all.

A couple weeks ago we saw a Flamenco performance. Again, all these events take place within walking distance to where we’re living. We love it! The Flamenco pictures don’t capture the intensity of the dancing but you get an idea of the color and showmanship.



Of course we hit the beach at least once a week. I’m still attending the challenging yoga class three times a week. Doug has played cards with a poker club a couple times. La Vina church does a weekly feeding to people who sort through garbage at the dump and we’ve gone on the ‘dump tour’. We met some lovely people who live a couple blocks from us, ex-pats from Wa and Calif. Even with the ‘season’ ended, there is always something going on.

Oh yes, sometimes we just sit on our patio and watch the swallows dip into the pool for a drink and say ‘Ah, we are blessed.’

The dump feeding includes stops in poor colonias to feed kids.   

From Cooking Class, Kale stuffed chicken breasts


Beet Salad from Cooking Class  

Sign indicating it’s movie time in the ‘hood’.   

Mom, Annette and Karolyn, does this place look familiar? I walk by on my way to yoga and always wonder. Is this where Dad was ‘hospitalized’ when Annette and Karolyn had him released AMA? It’s in a really nice neighborhood near the Golden Zone.

It’s with mixed feelings that we prepare to leave Mazatlan. Although, we know we’ll be back it may be a year or more. We have a lot to look forward to, seeing family and friends and planning for our upcoming trip to the Mediterranean. 

Adios amigos and one more sunset.


5 thoughts on “Around Mazatlan

  1. Thanks again for sharing.. I always enjoy! I’m not sure if that’s the hospital but it looks like it could be. When are you coming back?
    Love you

  2. Mary Louise Krumland

    That sure looks like the place. A hospital in the neighborhood, I am just going to have to live long enough to make one more trip down to Mazatlan to see the Carpa Olivera and the relocated mermaid. Looks like a really nice park. Did you go down the slide? Thanks for all the memories of MX. You are truly blessed. Love you lots.

    • Mary Louise Krumland

      I left a reply and they tell me it is awaiting moderation. Since I don’t lnow what going on, I love you and we’ll talk Mexico when you arrive. Mother

  3. Thanks for the great memories and pictures of MX – I’m not sure about the hospital, don’t remember the Lomax name but could be, the hospital we were at the sidewalks were pretty rugged with broken slabs – regardless, really look forward to your plans for the MED! Love you both Annette

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