Settled back in Mazatlan

After over two full days of travel, from Costa Rica to Mazatlan, Mx, we are once again settling back in. There are a couple of airport stories to share when we see you, both include 5 hour lay-overs in two airports. Always fun times traveling!

In the past week and a half we’ve begun developing some familiarity with our new neighborhood and home. We’re living in the Centro District, the old town where pretty much what we need is within walking distance. There have been a few times when we’ve taken the bus and a pulmonia but mostly we can walk.

Our new home is in a re-furnished old colonial. The ‘facility’ consists of four, two bedroom condos, a courtyard with a pool and a laundry room for residents. Other than last weekend when the Motorcycle Rally was happening and one unit was rented, we’ve been the only occupants.

Now, we have noticed that we can’t get too comfortable with what we see as complete privacy. The pool guy and grandkids of the owners have surprised us on a couple occasions. Luckily those weren’t times when we were skinny-dipping. Now we know to keep an eye out for others!

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The central market, Pino Suarez, is about five blocks from us. The Olas Altas beach is four blocks. Plazuelo Machado, where the Angela Peralta Theatre sits and things happen in the evenings, just a short two blocks away. Athina Spa and Salon are three blocks. Most important we’re in close walking distance to our favorite restaurants.

Four blocks from us, Mom, is the blue Chritian church that you’ve been talking about for years. Finally, it’s been found. They hold English services at 9 AM Nov-April. At 11 AM there are Spanish services. During the off season the Spanish service has translation available. So Mom, you weren’t imagining, the church was simply in the opposite direction from what we usually walked. Oh yes, the 9 AM service was filled with old gringos!

Iglesias Christiana

Iglesias Christiana

View down the street to the ocean

View down the street to the ocean

Motorcycle monument on the malecon

Motorcycle monument on the malecon

Street Musicians

Street Musicians, he’s playing a donkey jaw!

Neighborhood cake shop, oh so good!

Neighborhood cake shop, oh so good!

San Jose, Oldest church in Mazatlan, up the street

San Jose, Oldest church in Mazatlan, up the street

San Jose Church

San Jose Church

Statue on the malecon

Statue on the malecon.

We’re back in Spanish class two days a week. This creates ‘homework’ at least two plus more days. Yesterday was cool and cloudy (yup, it’s the truth) so we visited the Mazatlan Aquarium. The seal show was typical but really fun watching the kids and families. It sometimes seems wherever we go are old gringos. Hmmm, not sure that’s the kind of place I want to be. I enjoy a bit more diversity.

It’s Saturday night and before long there will be live music in the square so I must cease and desist. More on life in Mexico, later. Love to all.

5 thoughts on “Settled back in Mazatlan

  1. Thanks for the pictures! Glad you’re enjoying yourselves!

    Debbie K


  2. Take Care ~~~~~ Live~~~Laugh~~~~~Love

  3. Love your condo – really in the heart of everything! I went to the blue church with Mom and Dad a couple of times, in fact that’s the church they were attending when Dad made the kneelers for the mission church. Enjoy, enjoy – let us know how the Spanish lessons are going. Beautiful pictures as always – THANKS

  4. Enjoyed our little taste of Mazatlan, Art loved the colors on the buildings, a taste of Mazatlan he missed. Just curious, what constitutes an “old gringo” ? Art want to know if you have ever considered they may be saying the same about you?? Love you, enjoy your time….

  5. Uh, yes, we are also some of those old gringos!

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