Gifts from Mexico

Some of you may wonder just why Doug and I love Mexico so much. You’ve all heard scarey media stories and maybe can’t understand the attraction of living in a place where you don’t even speak the language.

I hope to share a bit about the gifts we receive from this amazing country.

To begin, let me share a list of idiosyncrasies we began noticing in our travels last year.

Actually, once I perused the list I had been compiling it seemed so trivial; things like:
-the police drive around with their lights flashing
Whereas this was confusing to us at first, the reason is the police want to be a visible presence, not so bad really a good thing.

-no black pepper on the table
Again, to our taste this is odd, yet Mexicans use so many other hot chiles/peppers it makes total sense to them. Here in Mazatlan you do find pimiento negro on the tables although generally it is a very fine grind, almost like powder.

-meat is not seasoned
Again, we have found this not so much the case in Mazatlan, yet, still present.

-hard, wooden chairs are the norm or the white, plastic ones
When we go into a restaurant we always look for chairs with cushions, if possible. Wooden chairs have been a mainstay in the Mexican arts and crafts culture.

-waiters will never bring your bill until you ask for it and making change for a bill may be difficult
In this culture, there is no imposition on your time to finish a meal, it is up to you. Making change is improving. Only once since arriving in January has someone had to go down the street to find change for us.

-sunrise is around 6:30 AM and people don’t get up early unless going fishing
And there’s a problem with this?

-drivers are not required to pull over for police or emergency vehicles

And some of the gifts we receive from this lovely country, not in any particular order:
-great, fresh, delicious food

Hamachi and mezcal with accompaniments

Hamachi and mezcal with accompaniments

-great scenery with breathtaking views
Oceans and mountains

Oceans and mountains

-walking on the beach, watching the shorebirds, the waves and other sights
Shorebirds on the beach

Shorebirds on the beach

-The wonderful, friendly people
Meet Hector making bracelets for me

Meet Hector making bracelets for me

-incredible sunsets
-amazing sunrises, when I think to look out back to the mountains
Pretty spectacular

Pretty spectacular

-the sun glistening on the water like millions of diamonds
-eating al fresco in beautiful old courtyards, on the beach or the condo deck, it’s all good
Old Colonial courtyard dining at El Presidio

Old Colonial courtyard dining at El Presidio

-mature women finally doing what men have always done, bared their bellies in bikinis
Mature women in bikinis and the gift of pounding surf!

Mature women in bikinis and the gift of pounding surf!

Mature woman in bikini

Mature woman in bikini

-great, reasonably priced bus system
-the shopping comes to you via fruit/veggie trucks, vendors on trikes and on the beach
-great massage for $25 in our condo complex
-yoga for $8.00 or less a class
-the desire and opportunity to study another language and culture while living in it
-good, reasonably priced healthcare
-you will regularly be greeted while walking on the street, “Buenos Dias”
– and the list goes on.

It is said that those who choose to live part or full-time in Mexico must be a bit eccentric. It takes an attitude that can withstand the idiosyncrasies or unexpected events that might come your way and keep on smiling. You must be able to relax into the endearing qualities and culture. To be able to recognize tomorrow is another day and there is no rush. It is truly a gift to be here. We are grateful.

Mañana es un nuevo dia. Tomorrow is a new day. Ahhhh…

4 thoughts on “Gifts from Mexico

  1. Hurrah! You have found the magic Dad and I discovered our second trip to MX. You can understand why we kept going back and back and back. See you in ten days. Hugs and Kisses

  2. Lovely. That is just lovely!

  3. Oh so true, I miss being there already. It is a wonderful life in Mexico full or beauty, joy, surprises, you said it all so elegantly. thanks for sharing

  4. You both are so fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and all the gifts you have described! Mexico is all you have described and more!

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