Hello again

It’s been over six months, June 2014, since I’ve made a post. A lot has happened. We left Mexico mid-July for the Northwest. Prior to leaving Mexico we continued our bus tour visiting Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido, Mexico City, Zihuatenejo, and ending the journey in Mazatlan where you can always count on a gorgeous sunset.

We experienced many of the major archeological and historical sites along the way. Yet, there is still so much more to see. Here is a quick taste of our trip.

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In early August we became grandparents again to a beautiful, healthy, robust baby girl, Noe Eloise. We spent time between Olympia with my parents and Portland with the granddaughters.

In late August my Dad took a couple falls, broke his wrist and was hospitalized. He moved into rehab just before we left on our planned trip with daughter Erin, back to St Thomas.

Heading to the Caribe

Heading to the Caribe

We had a month in the Caribbean. It was wonderful going back especially having time to spend with Alisa. It’s a place that has attached itself to me. Nate and Alisa are being transferred and will not be there much longer.

While there, Doug and I took a week to visit St Martin/St Maarten. One side of the island is French, the other is Dutch. It was a very interesting experience. The island culture was quite different from St Thomas. The French and Dutch influence is visible in architecture, food, and language. On the French side French is spoken and there are lovely Boulangeries (bakeries/coffe shops) everywhere. On the Dutch side they spoke English.




Ahh, we did have great food. Since we had no internet in our room we were forced to walk three blocks every morning to get coffee and pastries at the Boulangerie while checking our email. Such a hardship!

We returned to the Northwest shortly after Dad was discharged home. He had regained enough strength to maneuver to the bathroom with minimal assistance. Just over a week after our return, Dad left us to meet Jesus in heaven. Family members who were able to be present were there to say their good-byes. Most other family had been around to visit in the previous month. Dad’s life was celebrated on October 25 with the majority of family.

Yup, it's a crowd and not all present

Yup, it’s a crowd and not all present

The holidays were celebrated in Olympia and Portland. January 4 we headed back to Mazatlan. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time in Mazatlan over the past 19 years but most of the time was in the summer. This trip was to get a feel for the winter months when the northern snowbirds were around and to get back into Spanish classes.

We’ve been here almost a month and done many of the familiar things; walked the malecon, climbed up to El Faro the lighthouse, eaten our share of calmari and camerons, visited the changuras (women who sell shrimp), Plazuela Machada, centro mercado, and the Angela Peralta Theatre. And did I mention we’ve watched a few incredible sunsets?

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Other than navigating our way, we have not begun formal Spanish lessons. Maybe Feb 1 was the last we heard.

We’re meeting many new people, finding resources and great restaurants and enjoying the lovely weather.

It’s really interesting how many old, white haired gringoes there are around here…

Our story continues…

3 thoughts on “Hello again

  1. Beautiful Pictures! Enjoy yourselves! The sunny days sound wonderful!

  2. Great Pictures. Live Laugh Love

  3. I just love Mazatlán and am jealous of your ability to spend so much time there! Great pictures!!

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