Campeche is a little known colonial city in Mexico and has been mostly bypassed by visitors to other places in the Yucatan. It was at one time one of the most important ports in New Spain. As such, during the colonial era it suffered more than 21 major pirate attacks by the likes of John Hawkins, Henry Morgan, Sir Francis Drake, Diego the Mulatto, and others.

Don't mess with me!

Don’t mess with me!

Aye maties

Aye maties

Found in the wall...

Found in the wall…

"Aaarrrrgh! Gimme a bottle a rum!

“Aaarrrrgh! Gimme a bottle a rum!

In an effort to counter the pirate attacks, a wall was built around the city. It took over 24 years to construct the 2,560 meters of polygon shaped wall. There were three entrances on the land-side and one on the sea. Additionally, there were at least four major forts built in this area.

Map of Campeche city wall.

Map of Campeche city wall.

In the 1970’s oil was discovered offshore. Now this city and state are the major producers of oil in Mexico providing 70% of all the oil in the country.

What was our interest in visiting Campeche you may ask? We learned it was a beautiful colonial city and unlike Merida, it is on the water. In the 1990’s it was declared a World Heritage Site. This city has not been settled by hundreds of gringos and there are many old colonial homes for sale. We thought we’d have a look see.

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The city wall is undergoing a major renovation. Roads around the city center are torn up and work is progressing slowly.

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As in all these colonial cities, there are many churches, all catholic. Of course the church in Spain had a great interest in exploring new lands to spread the message. This effort was supported by the kings who controlled the purse strings.
Campeche had several churches in the historic central barrio. Most, yet not all, are in the simple Franciscan style.

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So, what were our impressions of Campeche? It’s a lovely colonial city, it’s been restored well, there’s a great effort to maintain the historical buildings and culture. There were two big hospitals in the centro area and many doctor offices. It seems like a great place. However, the in shore waters are very polluted and not swim-able. That’s a big downer. It’s also quite expensive to fly from Seattle to Campeche.

Check Campeche off! Here’s a few more pictures.

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5 thoughts on “Campeche

  1. Hey you guys, I love following your posts! You are an inspiration and I cherish the opportunity to live vicariously thru you. Love you and miss you! Keep em’ comming! Where are you off to next?

    • So glad you’re following us. Our next post will be from Palenque where we are now. Love you.

    • ditto what Erin said, we are living off your posts as well. Too bad the water was polluted looked like a beautiful clean city. I am sure you will find another and another. Keep sharing with us, I know this takes your time.
      love ya, MerrieLynn

  2. Yes, Campeche struck us as a beautiful, clean city. Knowing you enjoy reading the posts keeps us wanting to share. Thanks and love you.

  3. Mother and Dad

    Looks like one of those nice places to visit but wouldn’t want to live there. Thanks for sharing. We love you, we miss you. Keep the posts coming.
    Mother and Dad

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