Happy New Year!

OK, I’ve started on this post three times and have been distracted and interrupted! Hopefully third time’s a charm and I get this out to you.

Wow! It’s 2014. Even though it’s now the end of January (literally the last day!) it’s my first blog post of the new year, so it seems appropriate to wish you each a great 2014.

The new year gets me thinking and reflecting. Being somewhat newly retired invites even greater opportunity for reflection.

To reflect on what I (we) want to do in this new year and new season of life. I’ve spared you from waxing philosophical and hope I can do so today. Yet, in our retirement adventure it helps to keep focused on what we truly value when making decisions about what this new year will hold for us and how we spend our time.

So, what do I value? Relationship with God. Relationships with family and friends. Health. Learning. Growing. New adventures.

The past several months have been spent in all of the above.

We visited family and friends.

Visiting Nate in St Thomas was great, we hadn’t seen him in over a year.

Doug & Nate at Loblolly Beach in Anegada

Doug & Nate at Loblolly Beach in Anegada

Making new friends in the islands.

Half of Thanksgiving guests at Nate's

Half of Thanksgiving guests at Nate’s

Doing my first online Bible study and visiting St T churches that played Caribbean music. As well as visiting new churches wherever we were.

Visiting family and friends over Christmas.

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After Christmas we spent time driving the Washington Coast visiting old haunts, Long Beach and Ocean Shores. We just had to see the Washington beaches after St Thomas. Of course they hold their own jewels!

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Time in Portland then an adventure to San Francisco, one of our favorite cities. We re-visited places we’d been and adventured into new areas.

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We finished our San Francisco trip by watching the Seahawks play New Orleans in the San Francisco airport. We weren’t the only Hawks fans but there weren’t many of us. It’s been fun.

So my friends, it’s been a busy holiday time. We really enjoyed our time with many of you.

Now it’s on to the next adventure in Merida, Mexico. I challenge you to reflect on your values and how you are spending your time, I know as the year moves on and our days become filled with activities it can be hard to stay focused on what is really important to us. I promise I am challenging myself to keep my blog current.

Stay tuned, and let us hear from you. And make this a great New Year!

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