Back to Normal or something like that

If you’ve been following our blog, you know we’ve had friends visiting for the past two weeks. We had a great time visiting Old San Juan Puerto Rico and the islands and beaches around St Thomas.

Now that we’re on our own I was looking forward to sharing pictures and stories of our experiences. I sign onto my computer and get an error message.

No problem, I was eager and no doubt missed a key.

I try logging my password in again.

Another error. Hmmmmm.

And again.

My password doesn’t work. Now I’m puzzled. I type carefully and deliberately making sure I don’t miss anything.

Eureka! The “A” key isn’t working. I need to type an “A” in my password to get into my computer. Bummer! Now what to do?

I do the usual tech stuff. Turn the computer off and back on. Remove and replace the battery. Use the gas buster keyboard cleaner. Nate even did a more thorough check, however, he couldn’t complete the process because he needed the “escape” key and that doesn’t work.

On further checking, the “D” and “Z” keys also aren’t working.

We take the computer and head to Office Max. After a 30 minute wait (which is short for Office Max here on St T) we learn they send any hardware problems out.

OK, now what? I do a google search for answers to the problem and find a response that sounds logical. Neither Doug or I have ever taken a computer apart. Then again, what do we have to lose? The computer doesn’t work now and if we mess it up more we’re still without a computer.

Doug goes techie and takes the computer apart with the hope that the ribbon from the keyboard to the motherboard is the issue. He did get it apart and back together but no luck on a fix.

So, we’re searching for a tech fix. Nate says don’t buy a computer on island. If we order a computer it will probably take about three weeks to come so that doesn’t make sense. We do have our iPhones and iPad. Problem is getting the pictures.

Don’t forget us, we’ll keep working on a solution. You know our silence is related to computer issues and temporary. We really love sharing with you and getting your comments and feedback.

Happy Birthday, Alisa.

Secret Harbor

Secret Harbor

6 thoughts on “Back to Normal or something like that

  1. Dear Ones, as one of your recent guests let me say how much we enjoyed our time there with you both. The time went by too quickly but remember ” we will always have St. Thomas ” enjoy the rest of your time.
    Randy and Jan

  2. Boy Doug, what a challenge in your retirement. I had hoped to read the computer was up and running after your “tech job”, but alas it wasn’t so. Oh well. we’ll all have to wait until maybe Jan. when the trip starts again to see pictures. Love you lots…
    Dad and Mother

  3. We will all be waiting for your return.

  4. Replacing the keyboard is easy and cheap. Email me if you need help.

    • We took the computer to a tech place for diagnosis. They ordered us a new keyboard and they replaced it. We probably could have done it, however, once in their hands they did it. Oh we’ll, we’re back in business. Thanks for the offer. I did think of you during our problem solving efforts.

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