A Typical Day in Retirement

Some of you may wonder what Kris and Doug are doing with all their time. You may imagine us spending our days laying around the beach and drinking painkillers. Weelll, that isn’t entirely true. We have the usual household chores just like the rest of you.

My day begins with a cup of tea on the deck, sometimes I even get to watch the sunrise as I do my Bible study devotional.

100_2583I help Nathan feed the animals.



Minew, the inside-outside cat.

Minew was adopted first, or should I say she adopted Nate and Alisa. She gets preferential treatment, comes inside, goes to the vet, gets her ears cleaned, all that good kitty stuff. Sometimes she sits at the screen door so Hobo can see she’s inside and he’s on the outside.

Hobo the outside cat.

Hobo on the boat

Hobo on the boat

Hobo also adopted Nate and Alisa. However, the pact had been made that there would only be one cat in the house. Therefore, Hobo is an outside only cat. He gets better treatment than if he had never adopted this new home. He is regularly well-fed  and gets his ears and back scratched whenever he wants. He doesn’t like being held and when he rubs on you for an ear and back scratching you never know when he’ll turn, bite you and bat you with his paws. Really, it’s more of a playful love bite.

Frank the tortoise.

Frank lives on the side of the house in an herb garden withFrank the Tortoise mint, thyme and rosemary and a volunteer tomato plant. Most of the time he stays in his little house but you may catch him out for a walk mid-day. He likes kale and loves watermelon and mango.

Then I try to get in a little workout; yoga on the deck and a walk on the beach.


Once back home we have the usual chores of: sweeping the decks (the jungle is always shedding leaves),

Sweeping the steps

Sweeping the steps

cleaning all the sand from the car,

Sand in the car

Sand in the car

doing laundry,   doing laundry

and cleaning up the gardens.

Just a bit of our clean-up

Just a bit of our clean-up

Most recently Doug and Nathan have been hard at work on a kitchen project. They re-configured the island around the stove and tiled the post and counter. You may notice the back counters and finishing work is still left to do.  Tileed counter

However, our friends from Washington are coming today so we’re going back to vacation mode! Hurray!

I’ll post again in a couple weeks. I’m sure there will be new adventures to report.

Enjoy a beautiful day in paradise wherever you may be.

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