The Boat

Doug had always dreamed of having a boat in retirement. It fit his goal of living in Mexico and fishing whenever he wanted. It’s a good dream.

In spite of the fact that Doug has always said boats are a bottomless pit, this is still his dream. Those who’ve owned/own a boat know about the expense and time involved. We had a ski boat back in the Blackfoot, Idaho days. We had lots of fun with that boat. And maintenance and time.

Dream Boat 2

Dream Boat

Nathan has a 17 foot fishing boat with a 60 hp Johnson. He and Doug were looking forward to doing some fishing. First there were a couple boat related things to take care of.

So, Nate took a couple days off work to spend with us and get the boat squared away so we could do some fishing. It’s a long, long weekend considering Columbus Day on Monday. The goal was to get the boat in the water for some fishing over the weekend.

Nate's boat

Nate’s boat

The past few days have been spent preparing the boat to launch.

Buying the parts and building a bimini top to protect from the sun.

Charging the batteries.

Connecting the new radio.

Making sure fishing gear is ready and in order.

Things are looking good. Sticking with the plan to take the boat for a ride Sunday AM. Pick up the batteries charging at AutoZone at 8 AM and we’re good to go.

Saturday the weather is a bit sketchy. Cloudy and windy and even some rain. Hopefully it’ll be okay tomorrow for a little boat ride.

thunder clouds 001

Sunday comes. Weather still sketchy, water looks a bit rough, more wave action than we’ve had to date. Yet, weather changes quickly in the VI.

Re-load the boat. Safety equipment. Anchor. Ladder. Fishing gear. Cooler. Gas Tanks. Check, check, check. Hook up the newly charged batteries. Check.

Run a motor check. Nice. Sounds good.

Switch off the engine.



The wind is still blowing strong. It’s looking pretty bleak out over the water, blue-grey, hazy, even some rain.

Now what’s with the motor?? Mechanical? Electrical?

Ahhh, the joys of boat ownership. Let’s watch the Seahawks and eat wings.

loading up the game

Boat ownership, what a dream! Must be worth it.

The weather wasn’t cooperating to take the boat out anyway.

Calling in reinforcement!ReinforcementsThere will be another day…

Nate's boat

Nate’s boat

3 thoughts on “The Boat

  1. Beautiful story.. We enjoy boats…other peoples. Dad tried to comment on Doug’s Ramblings of an Old Man, but it didn’t go through. Hopefully we will this time, He said to Doug, what old man, you are in the prime of life! We are proud to have two authors in the family. Each story gets better and better. At least the Seahawks won. Dad went out to Motor V today and got his drivers license renewed. Whew, one of us is still driving. Love you.

  2. Boats are a wonderful thing. Captn. Nate has a fine looking craft. As a wise man said, a hole to throw money into. However, when all systems are go and the water is smooth there is nothing better. now get out there and hookup! Or, find some treasure?

  3. Glad you did the pre-check. Would have been a real bummer for this to happen out on the water. Safety First.

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