Good Morning

Nate's back yard

Nate’s back yard

It’s a jungle out here. Vegetation is green, growing constantly and surrounds us everywhere. We’ve been told it isn’t so during the dry season. We’re here during hurricane season. Every day there are darker fluffy clouds that float by.

Yesterday we had rain. Sitting at the pool the wind began picking up as the clouds rolled in. Suddenly it was raining, at first a light mist, then a downpour. It wasn’t cold. We moved under cover more to protect our electronics than to get out of the rain. It didn’t last long, maybe less than 5 minutes but everything was wet. This was repeated about three times. I was wondering if the trees at the beach would keep the electronics dry enough. Maybe we’ll have a chance to check that out. Later in the afternoon we had rumblings of thunder.

While at Magen’s Beach the clouds covered from side to side of the bay, yet the sun shown and we never experienced the rain. It did look to be pretty stormy out on the ocean at the mouth of the bay.

The local road crews are constantly at work cutting back the overgrowth along the roads. Orange cones are placed on the road to alert drivers. The workers are typically in teams of four; two men hold the blue tarp along the side of the road, a third uses a weed-eater and stands behind the tarp to cut back the brush on the roadside, the fourth man watches or supervises.

thunder clouds 001

Most of the rain must be occurring at night. We awaken to wet decks and more flowers in bloom.

st thomas flowers 001

And more flowers

st thomas flowers 005st thomas flowers 008

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