St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Kris' iPhone pix 011

St Thomas is a mountainous island. The roads are two narrow lanes that wind around the hillsides. There are many blind corners. One routinely hears the mantra, ‘shoulder to the shoulder’ or ‘elbow in the brush’ or ‘stay left and you’ll always be right’ as they drive on the left. It takes a bit to get used to and can be a bit freaky, especially for the front seat passenger.

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Our ‘home’ in St Thomas (thanks youngest son) is on a hillside with incredible views of the sea and surrounding islands. The decks surround the house and the living room is flanked with sliding glass doors. So the view is with you everywhere. In the early morning as you sit drinking tea in the living room the breezes bring in the scents from the frangipani (plumeria) at the edge of the pool on the lower deck.


It gets dark early. Dinner is always on the deck with lights. Lovely.

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6 thoughts on “St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

  1. The writing was superb and showcased where you are now and the mindsets we should all have! Keep up the new style journaling, I am impressed. DR

  2. Yummy! We will be there is just 18 days can’t wait to join you and catch that mindset. Love the pictures – you look relaxed and warm. 36 degrees driving into work today.

  3. This looks like what you see in the movies, or lives of the rich and famous. I bet you really miss the gray 55 weather around here. Ted

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