Sept 29, St Thomas

100_2552As I sit in the warm breeze, looking over the computer at the lush mountainside and fluffy white clouds in the blue, blue sky last Sunday seems a long time ago. It’s funny how another environment can make you feel so removed and transformed from your usual life. Although I haven’t seen TV in a week, the Seahawks game is playing as I write (streaming online). So far removed, yet still so close.

Since retiring in July, selling our home and other possessions, we’ve been in the process of re-defining our life. This retirement gig is an interesting animal, all about ‘letting go’ and re-assessing what you want in your life. So here we are with no chores to complete, no errands to run, no projects calling to us, no responsibilities or demands except what we decide to take on. It’s an opportunity to reflect on what’s really important in life and how we really want to spend our time now that it’s completely our own.

It’s an interesting thought, is our time ever completely our own? Every moment is precious; none of us know how much time we have on this earth. In these travels, the hope is to be fully present to each moment each day, to learn about the place we’re in and the lessons offered. Traveling provides the opportunity to re-invent yourself, to gain perspective and look beyond the norm. Our retirement offers us the same opportunities.

I hope you’ll join us on this retirement travel adventure. It’s about letting go and re-gaining perspective and learning from our experiences. There are sure to be challenges and bumps on the road ahead.  In the process we will see new people, places, and have new adventures as we grow together.

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